Punta Cana Escape

Posted by yvtravel | July 20, 2018

Post by YV Traveler Cordell Hawkins.

Before I boarded the plane for Punta Cana this December it was last time I felt 30 degree weather for a week, all thanks to Younique Ventures and my dear friend Kendra pushing me to see the world and travel because I am worth it. How many of us work 40 plus hour weeks, multiple jobs, and juggle a million obligations, but never make the time to just slip away to Paradise?  Kendra you have been my motivation and gateway to seeing that luxury travel is possible and I could not be more thankful.

Punta Cana was everything.  Upon arriving to 85 degree weather in our Latin American paradise everything was beautifully orchestrated. The expectations set were perfectly executed without a hitch, from the airport transfers to check in through check out.  We stayed at the ultra-beautiful, all-inclusive Paradisus Palma Real, an ocean front resort that I cannot imagine has a more accommodating counterpart in the entire Caribbean.  
The melanated beauty of my Dominican brothers and sisters was so comforting.  The food of the 11 restaurants and bar gave us plenty of variety from different World cuisines with a Dominican twist of course.  The best part of the entire experience was knowing that all of our requests were tended to with care and the precision to make our stay very relaxing. Everywhere on and off the resort we were among a tropical setting that encouraged our whimsical behavior and ensured our responsibilities remained stateside which made all the difference in the world. 

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