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Posted by yvtravel | February 5, 2017

If you have thought about going to Hawaii, you should definitely go. I went there for 10 days in April 2016 and I still can taste the sweet pineapple and delicious fish tacos. I also often reminisce over the beautiful coastlines and inviting culture. I have heard mixed reviews about Hawaii. Some say it’s like any other place with a beach. They didn’t feel it was that it was worth the flight. Others say it was a wonderful time away and can’t wait to go back. Why the varying opinions? I think it’s where they went or booked and at times it is how they booked.

I visited Maui and Kauai and there was something very beautiful and different about both islands. Maui is the 2nd largest island with a quaint and artsy vibe. It didn’t feel like any other island I visited. Kauai was very rural and laid back but very picturesque. No surprise why Jurassic Park was filmed there. I stayed at The Fairmont Kea Lani and Grand Hyatt Kauai. I enjoyed a luau with fire, drums and hula dancing. I enjoyed the sea cruise to the Napali Coast that provided stunning views. Booking through a well respected travel company (YV of course!) provided me some unexpected amenities at both resorts of a free upgraded room, club access and free cabana rental that I put to full use.

I must not forget the food! If you enjoy fresh food and really good seafood then you will think you are in heaven or close to it because all of my meals were superb. If you prefer a great steak, don’t worry, they have quality cuts and prepare them well there too. It depends on where you stay and go (and I know some great spots so ask me).

So, as I always say to new and existing travelers: don’t listen to what people say. Go see for yourself. But go ready to take your travel to a different level. A better level. Where you go, how it’s planned truly makes all the difference in your experience. No one will be able to take away my unforgettable experiences (and 3 visits to Puka Dog – you must try it!). Like they say, “You only live once!” So live freely, love completely, and Aloha!

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