Where Should You Travel Next?!

Posted by yvtravel | February 5, 2017

I seem to be asking myself this question more nowadays. Not because it is a new year or that I will be celebrating a milestone birthday soon. I truly am passionate about travel. I enjoy talking about traveling. The food I will eat when I travel. Thinking about what I will be doing when I’m traveling. And of course planning spectacular travel packages. But when you think about your next getaway first think about the experience you are looking for and your personal preferences. Are you seeking adventure with a side of rest. Or would you prefer a romantic retreat to disconnect from the world and reconnect with your significant other? Do you want a more exclusive experience to a less-traveled destination? There are so many possible experiences for you to have that you should really think about what you desire.

Once you narrow down the experience you seek. Then decide on how many days because if it’s a short amount of time you have to Getaway. Do you honestly want a long flight? Or a long drive from the airport to your hotel? I think not. You can have a great getaway for 4 or 5 days. But if (for example) you truly want to explore all that Greece has to offer, you will definitely need 8 or more days to visit the sights of Athens and get in some Island hopping to Santorini, Mykonos, Ios or even Crete. Oh how I love Greece!

So you want a romantic retreat with a side of adventure and you only have 5 days. Now it is important now to decide on the type of accommodations you seek because that can also help with your decision. You can get a private oceanfront villa with a chef and pool or you can keep it a little more simple and stay at an excellent all inclusive with water sports. To help with this decision. Think about the following: Who will be going? Are you celebrating a special occasion? Do you desire privacy? And most importantly – your budget! A chunk of our budget will be the accommodations. And trust me the accommodations do matter. The quality of the room, the bed and furnishings can impact your rest in a positive or negative way. The view when you wake up out of bed or from your balcony can make a true difference in your time away. Have you ever worked on a balcony looking out to the beach with the sun shining (and maybe a glass of wine). Best work day ever!

Getting back to the subject at hand. Where should you travel next? You have a lot of options even if a destination was considered the new top travel spot of 2016. If you haven’t been there and you have been wanting to go. You should strongly consider that next. Make sure you incorporate the other items I mentioned above. You might be wondering well what do I do if I don’t know where I want to go because I am new to traveling. That’s when you do some research on things you like to do and places that have those types of activities. Also get with a travel specialist they would be more than happy to help you getaway. Your travel can be as different and unique as you. And even if you visited a place before you can always go back and uncover something different. That’s the beauty of travel. So tell me… where will you travel next?

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