Jamerican Vibes

Posted by yvtravel | May 30, 2017

About 11 years ago I discovered Jamaica. Or was it that Jamaica discovered me. Uncovered what was hidden within and made me feel free. The gentle Caribbean breeze. The love of life. The delicious food. The smiles that said welcome ….Welcome back my friend.

I return so much that I have lost count of my visits. Because now it doesn’t feel like visits. It feels like home. Peace. Refreshing tranquility. Love. Jamaica has a vibe all its own. It ebbs and flows to its own beat. A beat that I can relate to and connect with. I’m connected here…I mean there.

My home away from home. The place that I run too when i need to unplug. Disconnect to reconnect. Oh Jamaica, my sweet Jamaica. Thank you for accepting this queen. And allowing her magic to shine brightly. Thank you for loving me completely. Sweetly.  Beautifully.

Until next time,


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